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Be Aware of Immigration Fraud

In recent times, the Canadian immigration process has seen a troubling rise in fraudulent activities, with imposters exploiting the hopes of potential immigrants through sophisticated scams. It's crucial for individuals seeking immigration services to stay vigilant and informed to safeguard against these deceptive practices.

At Immigrative Visa Services Inc., we prioritize the safety and well-being of our clients. It has come to our attention that there have been fraudulent activities conducted by individuals impersonating our staff, specifically our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs), Hossein Alavi and Brenda Pizano.

Please Be Aware:

  • No Direct Chat on WhatsApp or Social Media By Our Consultants: Our RCICs do not engage in consultations or offer services through WhatsApp or other social media platforms.

  • No Offices Outside Canada: Immigrative Visa Services Inc. operates exclusively within Canada. We do not have any offices or representatives located outside of Canada. All legitimate services are conducted from our headquarters in Montreal.

  • Mandatory Service Contract: Every service we offer is accompanied by a service contract that meets the stringent requirements of the CICC. We do not offer any services without first understanding your unique needs.

  • Consultation Process: Our consultation process is thorough and professional. We conduct an initial video consultation on Zoom to assess your needs. Please note that we do not run consultations without a contract or a video meeting. All our consultations are official, conducted either in person at our Montreal office or through our company's Zoom account.

  • No Unsolicited Approaches: We never initiate unsolicited contact with prospects. If you are approached by someone claiming to represent our consultants or our company without your prior inquiry, it is likely fraudulent.

  • Exclusive Service Through Immigrative: Our consultants, including Hossein Alavi and Brenda Pizano, exclusively provide their services through Immigrative Visa Services Inc. They do not offer immigration services independently or outside the framework of our company.

  • Secure Communication Channels: All official communication, including Service Agreements, Receipts of Payment, and Instruction Emails, will only be sent from our domain:

  • Verified Contact Information:

    • Telephone (Canada): +1(438) 476-8418

    • WhatsApp: +1(438) 836-3284

  • Social Media Interactions: On platforms like Instagram and Facebook, we will never request direct payments. Any links provided will direct you to our website for appointment bookings.

Warning Against Fraudulent Offers:

  • Do Not Make Unverified Payments: If you are contacted by any means other than the ones mentioned above, especially if provided with copies of licenses, photos, or screenshots claiming to be from our consultants, do not make any payments. These are fraudulent schemes.

  • Your Responsibility for Due Diligence: While we strive to inform and protect our clients, we urge you to exercise due diligence. We are not liable for losses incurred due to interactions with fraudulent parties.

  • Beware of Too-Good-To-Be-True Offers: Fraudulent individuals may offer attractive but fake job opportunities in Canada or low-priced services. These offers are not legitimate as we adhere strictly to the Code of Ethics of the CICC.

How to Respond to Suspicious Activities:

  • If you encounter any suspicious activities or communications, please report them as spam and block the contact.

  • We encourage you to report any such incidents to us and the relevant authorities.

Stay Informed and Protected:

  • Keep yourself updated by regularly visiting our website and following our official social media channels.

Contact Us for Genuine Immigration Services:

  • For any inquiries or to verify any communication claiming to be from Immigrative Visa Services Inc., please contact us through our official channels listed above.

  • We are committed to providing genuine, ethical, and professional immigration services. Thank you for your vigilance and trust in Immigrative Visa Services Inc.

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