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Discover Our Exceptional Immigration Services Through Our Client Reviews

Our review page is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and expertise of our team. We understand that the immigration process can be overwhelming and stressful, which is why we strive to make it as smooth and stress-free as possible. Our clients appreciate our personalized approach, attention to detail, and willingness to go above and beyond to achieve their desired outcomes.

Whether you're looking to apply for a visa, permanent residency, or citizenship, we have the knowledge and experience to guide you through every step of the process. But don't just take our word for it. Browse our reviews to see what our clients have to say about their experience with Immigrative. And if you've worked with us before, we invite you to share your own feedback and help others make informed decisions about their immigration journey.

Our Clients Say

(Translated by Google) It is a super serious and recommended agency, thanks to them in August we will arrive in Canada
Daniel Sarmiento
(Translated by Google) I want to share my experience from the beginning, they were always very attentive with the messages, calls in the process, a very good quality, the professionalism is noticeable, thanks to this, today I am very happy since I will be able to meet my mother, what an excellent service, highly recommended.
Andres Moreno
(Translated by Google) Super recommended, excellent advisors, excellent people, it is difficult to describe how grateful one can feel with a group of people who help you fulfill such an important dream. Honestly I felt hand in hand with the best!
Great service and efficient communication. We get lots of help and support in our immigration process. Now, my family and I are legally studying and working in Canada. Thanks Immigrative Visa Service Inc.
Gabriel Escalante
Although my case was complicated, Hossein and all Immigrative Visa Services were a great professional support. I was quite insistent all the time because of my situation, but they were always kind, friendly, and willing to lend a hand. Immigrative's response time was short, and my application was submitted on time.
If you are looking for a professional company who cares about you, Immigrative is the right choice.
I highly recommend them!
Christian Villamizar
(Translated by Google) Very grateful for your attention, the whole process was successful for me and my family, blessings and greetings from Montreal
Lolis Apodaca
(Translated by Google) Immigrative Visa Services from the first moment I contacted them they immediately treated me very well, very attentive at all times and when I started with my visa process they always had very good communication and super friendly, honest and helpful attention, it is worth mentioning that I contacted them from Colombia 🇨🇴 and now two months after I did the process with them I have my visa approved, thank you very much 🙏🏽
Linaska Rojas
(Translated by Google) First to thank Immigrative for their friendly and professional work on the tourist visa application for my girlfriend and especially to Miss Brenda for her continuous and accurate advice related to my process, I definitely recommend it and good luck with your applications.
Christian G. Ticona Rodriguez
(Translated by Google) I must say that Immigrative is a very serious company, which is 100% committed to service and to one as a client, which in my case made me feel supported and supported throughout the process. I am very grateful to them. From the beginning of my advice they were very kind, timely and complete in their responses and information, attending to all my requests or questions, via email or even by calls. Immigration processes are delayed and vary in each situation, this will not depend on the Consultants, however, in my case as such, the process took 3 and a half weeks, that is, from the time our application was sent to obtaining the response from approval of our Visas for me, my son and my husband. I think it was too fast and I think part of it could have been due to the great advisory work of Immigrative, who organized our documents very well and helped guide our profile in a satisfactory way. Excellent service, it was one of the best decisions I could make to embark on this path or dream and I highly recommend them!! ...we will travel to Vancouver soon. :)
Catalina Moreno
I couldn´t have landed in a better company to help me process my Study Permit!! All doubts were clarified and guided me through the complete process. If it´s in your plans to move to Canada, I strongly recommend you schedule an appointment with them. Having a Visa denied is a risk not worth taking, let them take a look at your situation and decide together the best plan to reach your goals.
Arturo Guadarrama
(Translated by Google) I want to thank immigration for their accompaniment in this very important project for us and thanks to their knowledge and hard work as a team we managed to get approval for our study and work visas.
Yenni Bodmer
I processed my Canadian Study Permit with the support of Immigrative Visa Services and can not recommend them highly enough.

Hossein and his team were professional, courteous, and supportive every step of the way, ensuring I had everything needed to create the strongest possible application. I received my study permit and will shortly begin my studies in Canada, all thanks to Immigrate Services.

I highly recommended them to anyone in need of professional immigration advice and support!
Jema Perry
(Translated by Google) Excellent service. I am very happy with the advice received by Immigrative Visa Services as they are very attentive, answer all questions and really know their work. 100% recommended.
Flor De Maria Ramirez Rios
They not only helped me to obtain my student permit, but also developed a personalized plan to allow me to immigrate to Canada!. I am grateful for their support and professionality. They ​provided an excelent, fast and efficient service, and took care of everything during the processes. The costs are quite affordable as well, and they really care about their clients.
Alex Jiménez
When the war in Ukraine started, I had a colleague who lives in Kyiv and was trying to flee the country with her teenage daughter. While she was trying to find her way to get out of the country safely (going from one bomb shelter to another, sleeping in train station hoping to embark on the next train), I've reached out to my lawyer firm (one of the biggest lawyer firm in MOntreal) that I do business with to help me find ways to get visa for my colleague and her daughter so they can come to Canada. They were useless and couldn't provide any help in a fast and timely matter.

A friend of mine then gave me a referral to contact Immigrative Visa Services and I'm so thankful that they exist. They were really fast in responding and answering any questions and took care of every single steps of the process to apply for a visa for my colleague. Within a 1-2 days, they sent the application and my colleague received her biometrie appointment 48h later.

Immigrative Visa Services are professional and they know what they are doing (unlike my previous lawyer firm). I had the pleasure to have the IRC officer Brenda Pizano (who works at Immigrative Visa) assigned to our case and she was exceptional. To ensure that our application would be treated in a timely matter, she even sent emails and messages to us pass midnight, which shows how much she care and wants to help my colleague's situation as much as possible.

Anyone who needs immigration services, I strongly recommend you to use their services. Moreover, because the situation in Ukraine is a humanitarian crisis, they even gave us a big discount to help us out which is very kind and generous from them. I'm sure I would have end up paying 4x-5x time more using a lawyer firm to get this application done and I'm pretty sure that it would have taken weeks instead of days.

Good luck to all of you for your immigration process.
Sovanna Phan
It is a responsible company. They clarified your doubts, whenever I called I received a satisfactory answer. When I did not get it immediately, they gave it to me in 2-3 business days. They will always find a solution to your necessity. They are serious and responsible; it is an excellent investment in the future. They have excellent advisers. I recommend them 100%.
Aldo Obando
Truely the best immigration team ever, no exageration, very professional and Mr. Hossein really knows which is the right path for you, he handles every case neatly. We recieved our approval without complications even though our case was not an easy one. I definitely recomend them! 100 percent! Thank you Immigrative for making out dream come true!
Carlos Fernando Iglesias Ayuso
Hossein Alavi was such a professional person and shows a lot of knowledge and experience in the migration services. We are very happy with the service provided and we highly recommend him.
Sergio Gallardo
(Translated by Google) Thanks to the Immigrative team we are now in Canada. A very professional service, they guide you from the beginning of the process and support you with all the information and documents you need, in addition to giving you advice on which program best suits your expectations.
Karen Martinez
(Translated by Google) A very good experience having had the Immigrative service. Don Hossein Alavi, Regulated Immigration Consultant (RCIC), is very professional and my experience with him was very pleasant. He is very knowledgeable about all the details of any immigration pathway or study project in Canada. Every time I met with him by video conference, he was very enlightening, he took the time to explain to me well all the technical legal details that one must contemplate for the specific process that one aspires to.
In my case, I am going to start a study process, for which I also had to work with Edupal, an associated company that deals with Advising on Education issues, with whom I also had a very good experience. With the Study Permit approved, I am still in contact with Don Kunal Garje, who is guiding me to prepare the trip to Canada and the beginning of my studies in the best way.
When you sign up with Immigrative they give you access to a platform that makes the whole process easy. Through this way, one communicates directly and only with the Immigrative team, in a completely private and secure way, everything is registered, to be able to review all the communications and links that are shared. All the documentation is also shared on the portal, being stored and ordered. And also the same portal provides a safe and reliable means of payment through invoices.
In summary, it was a very good experience, everything very neat and precise, and the study permit was obtained immediately. I am truly grateful, and can fully recommend your services.
Juan Pablo Espinosa Sánchez
(Translated by Google) An excellent service, they guide you throughout the process, in our case they helped us find the fastest way to emigrate to Canada, they helped me with the process of finding a College, if you don't feel comfortable speaking English you can request support from a translator and so you don't have that feeling that you lose part of the information.
Despite the pandemic, problems collecting papers and after years trying to emigrate, my husband and I finally have our study permit accepted!
Thank you very much Immigrative team!
Viviana Maturana Contreras
(Translated by Google) Excellent experience working with them, the best people without a doubt, thank you very much. Recommended one hundred percent
Sara Galindez
(Translated by Google) I highly recommend Immigrative, I emigrated with my family (there are 5 of us), it was a difficult decision, I did not know much about the process, the number of visas
I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by the situation and one day I was watching a video on YouTube and they mentioned Immigrative, I contacted them at first I was a bit reluctant due to the amount of fraud that occurs, after speaking with Hossein Alavi and that he answered my thousand questions with an excellent disposition, contract his services and well the rest is history, we have been in Canada since 2019.
They have also helped me with my CO OP visa and with my family's visa extensions.
To the person who wants to come to Canada and wants to hire the
services of an immigration lawyer do not hesitate to contact Immigrative you will make money well invested.
Juan Cifuentes
Very professional company, with a Regulated Immigration Consultant. Process with high quality and attentive to details. Very recommended for any Immigration process to Canada.
Daniela Rodriguez
(Translated by Google) I am delighted with the attention of my lawyers and the result of the effort to obtain my study visa. During the process, my lawyer was clear and strict about the requirements to ensure the success of the petition before the Canadian government 🇨🇦. I would definitely recommend them and would use their services again in the future for myself and my family.
Salvador Sanchez
(Translated by Google) I had the opportunity to meet Immigrative in June 2019, the date for which I contracted the representation service.
The interview with Hossein Alavi (a consultant regulated by the ICCRC) was clear, specific and upon verifying that he met the established requirements to visit Canada as an international student (accompanied by my wife and daughter), we decided to venture out.

The diligence of the company is impressive! In October 2019 all the documents were ready!
Since January 2020 we have been in Canada, and all our doubts were resolved even after our arrival.

Our adaptation was facilitated by the constant advice of the Immigrative team. As of today, they are the ones who are helping us with the Post-Graduate Work Permit and with our future application for permanent residence.

I am very grateful to Hossein for his direct and continuous support and at the same time to the entire IMMIGRATIVE team! (Caro! Daniela! Fabian! Lucia! Samaneh! Kunal!). Greetings to all and many blessings!
Jonathan Duque
(Translated by Google) Honestly, I didn't think it would be so fast and easy to migrate and this was thanks to the entire Immigrative team! The customer service is great, their professionalism and experience in handling immigration cases is noticeable, they inspired a lot of confidence in me and my family and for this reason we decided to represent us in our immigration process before the Canadian government.

In addition, thanks to its strategic partner Edupal, we were able to execute my wife's study process and my study permit simultaneously without having to look for an external study advisor.

They really have a very complete and unmatched service. Hossein, Carolina and Kunal, especially the 3 of them, were the ones who made our experience very pleasant. I recommend them 100% if you want to start your migration process. You won't regret it! My family and I will be forever grateful to Immigrative and Edupal for making our dream come true.
Jorge Katime

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