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Significant Immigration Update: Canada Focuses on In-Canada Immigration Draws

Updated: Apr 10

Explore how the new immigration focuses are changing the game for temporary residents.

In a recent and significant development, the Canadian immigration Minister has expressed the intention to concentrate on immigration draws targeting individuals already residing in Canada. This news is particularly impactful for those on their path to Canadian residency. As a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, I'm here to unpack these updates and offer insights into how they can affect your immigration strategy.

This strategic shift by the Immigration Minister harks back to a notable period during the COVID-19 pandemic. At that time, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) conducted the largest Express Entry draw in its history. An astounding 27,332 invitations to apply (ITAs) were issued to Canadian Experience Class (CEC) candidates, requiring a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score of just 75. This score was significantly lower than the average for Express Entry draws, reflecting the government's commitment to facilitating immigration during challenging times.

Fast forward to the present, the focus is now shifting back to those within Canada's borders. This is a vital development for individuals eligible under Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Workers, or Federal Skilled Trades. The last major draw for the Canadian Experience Class was halted on September 14, 2021, when 2,000 candidates were invited with a minimum CRS score of 462.

Our Recommendation:

With this latest announcement, we strongly advise individuals who meet the eligibility criteria of the CEC, Federal Skilled Workers, or Federal Skilled Trades and are currently in Canada—but not in the Express Entry pool—to promptly create their Express Entry profiles. The upcoming targeted draws represent a significant opportunity for these individuals to secure permanent residency.

Being proactive and entering the Express Entry pool now is more crucial than ever. It positions you to benefit from any upcoming targeted draws and keeps you visible for other immigration opportunities.

How Immigrative Visa Services Inc. Can Guide You Through Express Entry Updates:

Navigating the latest Express Entry updates requires expert guidance, and at Immigrative Visa Services Inc., we're committed to helping you seize these new opportunities in Canadian immigration.

  • Eligibility Assessment: We begin with a detailed review of your eligibility, tailoring our initial consultation to how the Express Entry criteria apply to you, specifically in the realms of Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Workers, and Federal Skilled Trades.

  • Profile Creation and Optimization: Crafting an impactful Express Entry profile is key. We guide you through creating a profile that showcases your skills and experience, boosting your chances for an invitation to apply (ITA).

  • Strategic PR Application: Our approach to PR applications goes beyond form-filling. We focus on presenting a comprehensive and compliant case, informed by our understanding of the latest regulations.

  • Ongoing Support: The Canadian immigration landscape is constantly evolving. We will update you on Express Entry changes and provide continuous support throughout your journey.

At Immigrative Visa Services Inc., we offer more than just advice – we provide a strategic approach tailored to your unique needs, enhancing your prospects for Canadian permanent residency. Contact us to embark on your journey with expertise and confidence.


This blog post is intended for general informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. For personalized advice regarding your specific immigration situation, it is recommended to consult with an authorized immigration professional.

About the Author:

This blog post is authored by Hossein Alavi, RCIC, a seasoned Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant and the founder and CEO of Immigrative Visa Services Inc. and EduPal Canada. With over ten years of experience in the education and immigration sectors, he is dedicated to assisting individuals and companies with their Canadian immigration needs. Contact Immigrative Visa Services Inc. today to schedule your consultation and take the first step toward realizing your Canadian dream.


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